Operation Hamburger Helper, September 10, 2005

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Why "Hamburger Helper?"

Seymour is one of several places that claims to be the birthplace of the hamburger. The 432d "took over" Seymour September 9-11, 2005 for an exercise.
A lot of townsfolk got involved in this exercise as role players. I was asked by Major Jeff Ponkratz to play a Red Cross representative.

The Day Begins

Starting the day with PMCS.
Major Jeff Ponkratz briefs some role players. SGT Katie Utecht in the blue jersey was the observer-controller for this exercise. The role players played representatives of various NGO's (non-government organizations).
The CMOC (Civil-Military Operations Center)
Inside the CMOC
The morning meeting between role players and the staff.
Inside the TOC (Tactical Operations Center)

Not Bad for Beginners

I hadn't seen a good riot since my days at Berkeley in the Sixties. Here we have a security detail at City Hall waiting for trouble.
SSG Leona Propson briefs the rioters on their roles
Let the Games Begin
The rioters charge the troops
Order is restored and the troops drive off the rioters. Even better, they prevented the rioters from getting the [simulated] sensitive equipment they were trying to take.

Below: the rioters disperse and the local police restore order.

Debriefing the rioters.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

"Protesters" gathering with their signs
Gate guards take information from the mother of a "missing person."
A team enjoys a lull in the action.
Not your standard bivouac. Rather than uncrate the brand-new tents the unit got after returning from Iraq, unit members were allowed to bring their civilian gear.

Enemy at the Gates

Well, not "enemy" exactly. Role-players mounting a protest over jobs and living conditions

Here Come the Media


Another meeting between NGO's and the staff.
The meeting breaks up. Major Ponkratz is at left and the commander, LTC Mark Neuse, is to his left.
Another media visit
More chow.

Riot Redux

That afternoon there was another riot for the benefit of a different team.

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