March 3-4, 2001

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

CAX 2001

The exercise was mostly at the 308th in Homewood, IL. We had a small player cell. SPC Jon Nystrom plots an incident on a map. 

38A Class

Instructor SSG Jim Koehler 

A Beehive of Activity

LTC Eighmy runs the monthly production of "The Wiz." 
MAJ Jeff Ponkratz cranks out the paperwork on which democracy depends.
Janelle Johnson, Connie McNamara and Katie Utecht

Tactical Training

SSG Craemer gives a class in tactical movement. Here he is creating a wedge formation.
Bounding overwatch. The front  element watches while the rear element moves up.
The rear element runs forward and assumes a new front position.
And so on.

First Aid Class

Janelle Johnson tries to keep Sara Rahmlow, Katie Utecht and Cassandra Willer from going into shock. It looks like they're in no danger.

"Casualty" is an easy job in training but not recommended in real life.

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