February 1: Dream and Joubin Islands

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Hero at Palmer Station

Anvers Island

Joubin and Dream Islands

On February 1, the Hero made a day trip out to Dream and Joubin Islands not far from Palmer Station. The trip was primarily for the benefit of the biologists but we tagged along to take a look at the rocks.
The biologists were scuba diving. They would shower in hot water before diving, and could last maybe half an hour even in thick wet suits before having to come up again. Also somebody was always on the lookout for leopard seals. Leopard seals don't have a record for attacking humans deliberately; the concern was that one might mistake a diver for a new kind of seal or penguin. Inadvertently or not, they could take a nasty chunk out.

Crabeater Seal

Crabeaters are sleek, attractive seals with coats that grade smoothly from dark above to light below.

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