January 12 - 13 On Gibbs Island

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Practice Ice Climb, January 12

We took our ice gear out and got some practice on this snowfield near camp.
Below: Here's the view from high up.

Sunset on the Glaciers, January 12

Exploring, January 13

We hiked east to the next bay. We eventually called this Windy Bay - regardless of how calm it was anywhere else, stiff katabatic winds were always sweeping off the glacier into this bay.

Here I am with some new friends. Note the narrow beach at the foot of the glacier. I was surprised to find most glaciers here had them, so you could actually walk past the glaciers. The fallen chunks of ice on the beach tell you why we rarely did.
Chinstrap penguins. The two white birds in the foreground are sheathbills.
Note the big elephant seal.

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