Blato! (Mud) January 27-31, 1996

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Camp Lisa, January 27, 1996

Fog, mud, destroyed buildings, peoples' possessions scattered about. Depressing beyond words.

Never Say "It Can't Get Worse" in the Army!

January 28. What could be worse than Camp Lisa? The mud at Camp Demi!
We stood here for about half an hour, looking around and saying "Can you f***** believe this?" to each other.

It Ain't Much But It's ... Well, It Ain't Much


Our happy home for about ten days in Bosnia. The living modules behind the tent hint at better conditions to come.

In the village just outside the main gate of Demi.


Street scene in Kladanj.
This was the social welfare office. We would visit this place a lot. Note the bullet holes.
We would get to know this kid and his family well.
Typical of civil affairs in Bosnia. We were trying to arrange for the artillery people to train in this field - not fire - just set up. The land was owned by four different people. And we were sort of sure there were no mines.


January 31. For the first time since we got here. Nearly ten days without sun, combined with the war damage we saw, makes this maybe the most depressing experience of my life.
Main street in Camp Demi
The mountain, Bratilo, is 3900 feet.

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