Snowy Bosnia, February 1-10, 1996

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Finally the Sun Comes Out

I can't say these pictures flood me with happy memories, but the frost on the trees after the clouds lifted was beautiful. The peak, Bratilo, is 3900 feet high.

Camp Diane



Bridge over the Drinaca. There's a plaque commemorating a skirmish between partisans and Germans during World War II.
Below: Camp Diane in the snow Above: One horsepower transportation

  Oh, My Achin' Head

This is the battalion commander's Bradley after it hit a mine. Nobody was hurt, but I bet their ears rang. This mine business was serious. It was about this time an otherwise sharp NCO ended his career for good by fiddling with a mine. To this day, nobody knows why he did.

We Don't Make it to Tarevo, February 10

Left: the motor pool ar Demi

It was beautiful but the roads were too snowy to get up into the hills.

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