february 16-19, 1996

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

A Visit to Stupari, february 16

Home Sweet Home

A stray that temporarily adopted us.
My homemade chess set.
Ever see finish work done with a small chain saw? That's what the local workers did here. Hinges were hung by drilling quarter inch holes, then driving in dowels to screw into. No bets on durability.
Scissors bridge crossing the stream to get here.
Our CMOC is up and running.

Vlasenica, february 18

One of the problems about waiting to get your film processed is you never know what's on it, like cracks in the Hummer windshield.

Camp Lisa, february 18

Pretty views on a nice day.
But still depressing reminders of the war.

Foot Patrol Into Kladanj, february 19

Below: the Catholic Church lost some roof tiles from shelling but the locals never harmed it.
The mosque. The tip if the minaret was a casualty of shelling.
The market. There was kiwi fruit on sale. If they could get safe transit, there'd be trucks lined up to Dusseldorf waiting to bring stuff in.

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