March 3-11, 1996

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Cpt Scott Miller at work. 
CPT Ray Comfort. 
SPC Todd Zunker with local kids. 
On a run into Tuzla
This hotel in Vlasenica was headquarters for some of the civilian contractors and NGO's.
A German-looking restaurant.
Artwork by schoolkids in Vlasenica. The sign says "Children of Vlasenica for peace."

Toward the Drina, March 11, 1996

I got assigned to go out with a unit because lots of Serbs had been on the road the previous week, but we saw hardly any. "Hey, here did my popsicle go? It was here when I set it down yesterday?" 
  Just right of the lowest tongue of snow in the lower left is a skull. 
Nasty stuff went down here. Some bones are visible between the snow patches near center. Lots of spent cartridges.
  Note the impromptu pillbox atop the chimney. 
Among the few civilians we saw all day. 

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