April 1-7, 1996

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

A skull near Checkpoint Sandra (W30).
Below: rustic scenes near Sekovici.
One of our guys pronounced "Bosnia," "Bahsnia." So it became a running gag, every time we passed sheep or goats, to say "B-a-a-a-snia." Even the interpreters got in on it.

Traffic at Diane

That little dual track vehicle is just cute.

Odds and Ends

Avove: Pipe repairs at Camp Demi

Left, this settling pond would be a bone of contention, with local officials worried about contaminating the river. After seeing locals thrwo stuff in the river ....
These militia guys were a tad antsy about my shooting a picture, but I reassured them I was just recording my team's activities and had no interest in them.

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