Last Snow and the Drina, April 17-19, 1996

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Sekovici, April 17

It snowed at Camp Demi, but by the time we got to this area east of Sekovici we were below the snow line.
Shell impact
Sekovici in Cyrillic

Milici and the Drina, April 18

I never even noticed the building on this crag (left end of top) until I looked at it on Google Earth.
The Drina River. On the far side is then-Yugoslavia, or what was left of it. Now Serbia.
Me having a Kodak moment on the Drina.

This was about the divide between the Eastern and Western Roman Empire. People on the far side were Orthodox and used a Greek alphabet, people on my side spoke Latin and were Catholic. Invaders came in and adopted those styles. And here I am 1600 years later because of it.

Don't ever think history can't affect your life.

The Konjuh, April 19

The Konjuh was a ski resort later used as a basic training area for Bosnian troops.
Not a good place for your power steering belt to break. Ask me how I know.

Shawshank, April 19

Diane was a haven of sanity for us but the crews that came here were away from their billets and living amenities. For them, since they crossed a bridge to get here, it was a prison surrounded by water. Hence the nickname Shawshank. In a dazzling demonstration that the Army is way overstaffed with senior officers, the brass dithered for weeks about the sign. In the end, they left it up. Diane closed in August, anyway.

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