May 1-8, 1996

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Geology is where you find it. That ridge is four years worth of soil creep. It works out to a few tens of meters of erosion per million years, pretty much what studies in the Appalachians come up with.

Ask anyone who'd traveled in the U.S. what this country reminded them of and the answer would often be "West Virginia."
There's a nice angular unconformity on that cut between the topmost beds and the bottom, but I never got a chance to get a picture since we were always in convoy and I was usually driving.
LA Pat was a small detachment near Sekovici.

The Coal Mines

There were a number of detachments camped in big strip mines just south of Tuzla. Now that things were drying out, they were all right, but back in mud times, they were a nightmare. One of our vehicles went in and came out looking like someone had tried to sculpt a Hummer out of a glob of mud.
A big dragline rig.

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