Britain-Ireland 98

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

This page is meant primarily for my co-participants in the Trafalgar Tours Britain and Ireland trip, June 19-30, 1998. The links below access the digital photos I took during the trip. These have not been edited in any way, not even rotated. There are about 1300 pictures taking up about 40 megabytes of space, so they will not be posted indefinitely. If I need server space for other pages I will have to remove some of this material, but I anticipate being able to keep the pictures up for a few months at least.

These images may be freely copied for personal or non-profit use, including your own Web pages. If you publish them in some form, please acknowledge the source. In the unlikely event you discover a way to get rich from these images, we need to have a talk first.

Getting this many pictures up takes time. If you don't find something now, check again in a few days. Problems? e-mail me. Also, let me know how things go so I have some idea how busy this site is and whether I need to keep the pictures on line.

IMPORTANT! To get this many pictures on line fast, I've resorted to a couple of quick and dirty tricks. I may get time to clean up the ragged edges a bit later.

  1. I just cut and pasted lists of images from one page to the next. There are a few missing numbers where I deleted shots in the camera, so you may see icons telling you a picture can't be accessed. No cause for alarm.
  2. Each page actually covers two or three disks, hence does not exactly cover the date indicated, although most are fairly close.

These tricks are necessary because of the mechanics of Web page editing and the way files are labeled on my disks.

Each page contains images from 2 or 3 disks, that is, 60-130 images and 2-3 megabytes of data. They will take some time to download. The alternative is creating 100 or more smaller pages.

I got fairly nice results printing a test shot on a color printer, though not quite as good as a glossy photo. Setting the picture to 4 inches wide by 3 high should give acceptable results. Don't try to print each page unless you have a lot of ink and paper - download the image first.

June 17 - London
June 18 - London
June 19 - Stonehenge-Bath
June 20 - Cardiff-Ferry-Tramore
June 21 - Waterford-Blarney-Killarney
June 22 - Ring of Kerry-Adare-Limerick-Ceildh
June 23 - Limerick-Galway-Dublin
June 24 - Dublin
June 25 - Dublin-Ferry-Llanfair(lots more letters)goch-Chester-Liverpool
June 26 - Liverpool-Lake District-Gretna-Moffat-Edinburgh
June 27 - Edinburgh
June 28 - Trossachs-Jedburgh-York
June 29 - York-Hadrian's Wall-Bosworth
June 30 - Bosworth-Coventry-Stratford-Oxford-London
EXCLUSIVE!! Only Known Photo of a Wild Haggis!!

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Created 3 July 1998, Last Update 9 July 1998