January 12: Last Day at the Station

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Okay, enough of this nonsense. I was determined to get a good Morpho picture.
This one has a damaged wing, showing the drab underside and the blue inside.
Morphos will sit still for ten minutes at a stretch and open their wings for a split second. I put my camera on continuous fire mode and shot over a hundred pictures.

He shoots...

...and scores!
Encountering a baby fer-de-lance on the trail is good for an adrenaline fix.

When I warned students on the trail about it, they said "Cool!" and ran off to see it. Not quite the response I had hoped for.
After tiptoeing carefully around this one, I found out later it was dead. Close examination of the original high resolution pictures showed a wound, apparently caused by a predator.
The macaws at the river nesting site.
A basilisk, sometimes called a "Jesus Christ lizard" because they can actually run across the surface of the water. I saw one do it, but just try to get a picture!
Kelly Hirsch discovers birdwatching in comfort.
Below: And once again the macaws put on a show.
Greg Sheier brought MRE meals, which he shared. In my case the novelty wore off somewhere in Kuwait in 1991.

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