Note to Outside Searchers

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences,University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

A Disclaimer of Sorts, or at Least a Caution

One of the unexpected results of putting my class notes on line is that I have gotten requests from outsiders who hit my site while searching for all sorts of stuff. For example, I got a request for information on caliche (mentioned in the soils lecture in my Physical Geology course) and the Mongols (which I mention in a history of science and technology class).

I will be happy to respond to requests for information (except as noted below) within the limits of my other tasks and expertise. I research my facts as carefully, conscientiously and thoroughly as I can, but please be aware that no professor is an expert on every subject he touches upon in his classes. By virtue of temperament and the sort of university I teach at, I cover an unusually broad range of topics. However, my degree is in geology, and I should not be regarded or cited as an expert in areas far removed from that field. Neither I nor the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay accept liability for the use of this site.

One lesson learned from this experience is that many searchers are just looking for a toehold to get started. In many cases I have added bibliographies to my pages. Also, my University Survival Guide has a page on references that might prove useful. Finally, if you spot any errors or have some more modern information than I do, please let me know. Thanks for visiting.

Note to Students: the Internet is not a substitute for library research and I will not assist searchers who try to use it that way. Sorry to sound unfriendly, but I am seeing a lot of requests for information that can easily be found in textbooks or libraries. When I get such a request, I will respond with advice to visit your local public or university library, with a few suggestions for where to begin searching.Failure on your part to get a timely start on your assigned paper does not make an emergency on my part.

Note to Everyone Else: The above note does not apply to public inquiries, questions about something on my page, clarifications, etc. I consider answering those questions part of my job, although sometimes I can't for lack of time, or because you get caught in my spamfilter.

Using My Material

Almost all the material on this site is my own; that way I don't need to worry about copyrights.

Abusive and Idiotic Comments

This does not apply to 99% of visitors!! Do not be frightened!!

If you respond to anything on this site with abusive, threatening, or grossly stupid comments, you grant me permission to publish that comment with your e-mail address, as well as any other information I can discover, including but not limited to, your address, telephone number, employer and picture. You also grant me permission to forward your comments to law enforcement, your family and associates, your employer, pastor and therapist. And since I keep a file of such material, you grant me permission to do the same with anything you sent prior to this notice being posted.

Does this apply to me? Only if you write stuff like this:

And what is your evidence for that, pompous guy? And the Mainstreamers do? And how in the Hell is asking, "What if everything can be explained by nature" a defeat of the Bible? CHRISTIANS DON'T ASK BECAUSE NOT EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE CAN BE EXPLAINED BY PHYSICS LAWS, THAT INCLUDES THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE. And now that I think about it, I actually did write an article about five days ago before even reading this nonsense, which I did just now, about why the laws are they way they are.

Or this...

I really hope someone is paying you for your 911 Physics page.Every single sentence and paragraph is overflowing with fallacies ,red herrings and false arguments. If I was going to openly display such stupidity...hopefully I'd get paid. So, when the top parts come lose from the impact..they fall through what at near free fall ? Air ?

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Created 11 December 1997, Last Update 08 January 2020