Environmental Science 342: Environmental Geology Notes

Steven Dutch-Natural and Applied Sciences-University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Topic Notes Power Point
Part I. Geology and the Environment
Introduction, Earth Processes How the Earth Works How The Earth Works
Geologic Hazards Overview of Environmental Geology Introduction to Environmental Geology
Part II. Processes that Affect Human Activities
Earthquakes Faults and Earthquakes Earthquakes
Volcanoes Volcanoes
Largest Volcanic and Seismic Events
America’s Volcanoes
Meteor Impacts Impact Hazards Impact Hazards
Floods The Scablands Floods Floods
Precipitation Floods
The Missoula Floods
Coastal Processes Coastal Environmental Geology Coastal Environmental Geology
Hurricane Ike, 2008
Slope Failures, Soils Mass-Wasting Mass-Wasting
Weathering and Soils
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Part III. Human Effects on Earth Processes
Surface Water Hydrology Water
Ground Water Hydrology Groundwater Water
Resources and Reserves; Mineral Resources Geologic Resources
Major Mine Disasters
Earth Resources Photos
Earth Resources
Energy Resources Energy Resources
Military Impacts on the Environment Military Impacts on the Environment War and the Environment
Part IV. Geology and Hazard Planning
Environmental Law and Environmental Impact Environmental Law Some Constitutional Facts
Environmental Law
Planning, Forensic Geology

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