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Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Until recently, the ability to draw directly on web pages was extremely limited. A couple of industrious people created amazingly effective kludges to get around this limitation, basically creating tiny <div>'s for each pixel or block of pixels. I have to give these people credit. Anyway, the two JavaScript graphics modules are jsDraw2D.js by and wz_jsgraphics.js by the late Walter Zorn (and perpetuated on legacy sites). I prefer Zorn's because jsDraw has some glitches in how it renders lines and arcs.

More recently, htmL5 has come out with a long overdue <canvas> structure that permits drawing. Both options are here for some constructions. However, htmL5 is not supported in older browsers so if the page doesn't work, that may be why.

Astroid as Envelope of Ellipses Astroid as Envelope of Ellipses: htmL5 Version
Cardioids and Limacons Cardioids and Limacons: htmL5 Version
Epicycloids as Chords Epicycloids as Chords: htmL5 Version
Ellipse as Negative Pedal: htmL5 Version
Drawing Oblique Ellipses Drawing Oblique Ellipses: htmL5 Version
Parabola as a Negative Pedal Parabola as Negative Pedal: htmL5 Version
Parabola as Envelope II Parabola as Envelope II: htmL5 Version
Morley's Triangle Morley's Triangle: htmL5 Version
Kepler's Second Law Kepler's Second Law: htmL5 Version
Nephroid I Nephroid I: htmL5 version
Nephroid II  
  The Deltoid: htmL5 version
  Steiner Circles: htmL5 version

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Created 31 March 2008, Last Update 31 May 2020