Drumlins Along Highway 29

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

State Highway 29 crosses a number of drumlins as it heads west from the city of Green Bay. Pamperin Park at the extreme south edge of the map is described on another page.
Looking west along Highway 29 as it crosses Duck Creek (the bridge in foreground).
The undulating topography shows clearly where the highway crosses successive drumlins. This and the next two views are looking west.
A broad valley separates the main drumlin belt from Burdon Hill, the northwesternmost drumlin
Beyond the drumlins, the topography abruptly becomes very flat but also much higher than the Green Bay lowland. This is a glacial lake plain thinly mantled by till. This view is looking north across Highway 29 from Overland Road
A view of the lake plain from the same location, looking south.
A view of the undulating drumlin landscape looking east on Highway 29.
Looking east across the valley of Duck Creek.

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Created 19 May 1999, Last Update 11 January 2020