Bedrock Exposures in Baird Creek

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Locality Map

The localities described here are in Baird Creek west of Highway I-43.

bairdcr1.gif (17547 bytes)

bairdcr2.gif (9972 bytes) At left is a simplified geologic map of the bedrock exposures west of I-43. There are more bedrock exposures than a casual inspection suggests, but many of them are only obvious when the trees are bare.

The outcrops end abruptly and the northwesternmost of them are 5m and more above the level of the stream. This suggests that when the glaciers first melted, and Baird Creek was carrying much more water than at present, there may have been a low waterfall perhaps 5m high flowing over a rock ledge. Since all the rocks are of uniform hardness, the falls would not have retreated as a steep falls but would have stripped away layers piecemeal to create the present stream with numerous low falls and small rapids.

Exposures Near North Parking Area

bairdcx0.jpg (140872 bytes)

Westernmost Exposures in Baird Creek

bairdcxc.jpg (187587 bytes)

bairdck2.jpg (35749 bytes)

bairdc54.jpg (28852 bytes)

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Created 26 April 2000, Last Update 26 April 2000