Bayshore County Park

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

bayshcp9.jpg (9922 bytes) a view down the road to the boat ramp.
bayshcp8.jpg (9823 bytes) A view from the bluffs looking north. Note the large detached and tilted block 

A view up the access road.

bayshcp2.jpg (83756 bytes)

bayshcp7.jpg (31272 bytes) An open joint in the road cut, filled with glacial deposits

The panorama below shows the base of the cliffs, looking north, giving a good view of the detached and tilted block.

bayshcp3.jpg (269433 bytes)

bayshcp1.jpg (116871 bytes) At the base of the detached block is a small outcrop of Maquoketa Formation and a very thin (5 cm) band of red Neda Formation
baysh86f.jpg (114360 bytes) Trails run along the base of the escarpment.
baysh87f.jpg (147713 bytes) A view from east of the supervisor's quarters, showing a detached block.

This panorama is taken from the parking area at the base of the bluffs. Outcrops of the Maquoketa Formation are not found along the shoreline, apparently because they have been mantled by debris sliding down from above.

baysh84f.jpg (79833 bytes)

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