Lower Manitowoc River

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

The bed of the Manitowoc River where it crosses I-43 is floored by Silurian dolomite. Access to the river is at the end of Logwood Lane. Adjoining land is private so access to the outcrops is easiest only at extremely low water when it is possible to walk the riverbed..

Caution! It can be very easy to miss the access when walking back along the riverbed. Pay careful attention to landmarks.

Left and below: views along the river. The first two views are looking upstream from the access point; the remainder are downstream. Outcrops in the riverbed are numerous.
Low ledges are exposed at the sharp bend west of I-43
The rocky bed continues to I-43 and a short distance beyond.
Potholes in the riverbed.

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Created 27 June 2005, Last Update 11 January 2020