Necedah Mound

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

NE 1/4, Sec 24, T18N R3E, Juneau County. A conspicuous hill just south of State Highway 21 in Necedah.

Views from the West

West Side Quarry

A quarry on the west side of the hill exposes the Cambrian-Precambrian unconformity.

General View of the Quarry

The unconformity can be seen in the low cut on the right side of the picture.

The Quartzite

The quartzite is a massive purplish rock rather similar to the Baraboo Quartzite.

Cambrian Sandstone

Panorama of the Unconformity

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Created 19 September 2000, Last Update 20 September 2000