Pamperin Park

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Pamperin Park on the west side of Green Bay exposes the Platteville-Galena Formation both in the bed of Duck Creek and in a small flooded quarry (the small pond just west of the creek and north of the railroad bridge). There are no outcrops in the surrounding hills, which are all dissected glacial deposits.
The clubhouse is the large building shown on the map above. The copper hemisphere is an antique band shell.
Ledges of dolomite are visible in Duck Creek. Note the prominent jointing.
A small weir crosses the stream. A former road is submerged just below the weir. The road crossing is shown on the map above.
A suspension footbridge crosses the creek at the clubhouse.
A view from the suspension bridge looking upstream (southwest). The railroad bridge is visible in the distance. The footpath on the right leads to the small flooded quarry shown below.
This small pond is a flooded abandoned quarry.
Ledges of dolomite are visible above the shoreline.
A shallowly submerged bedrock ledge is visible on th eastern side of the pond.
Just west of the park the terrain steepens abruptly. The hill beyond is the side of a large dissected drumlin. The drumlins are described on another page.

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Created 19 May 1999, Last Update 11 January 2020