Preston Cliffs

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Sec 30-31, T18N R7E, along Czech Avenue about 5 miles east of Roche a Cri, Adams County. 

These remarkable mounds would be much better known if they were not hidden along a back road in the middle of nowhere.

Views from the Road

The most accessible mound first appears as steep outcrops in the woods north of the road. The forest cover conceals the true height of the mound.

Views From the Top

Looking down one of the cliff faces.
Love's Labor Lost. Somebody took the effort to climb up here and paint a marriage proposal. Apparently Shelli said no.
From the top, two other, even less accessible mounds are visible. This one is to the southwest.
A much larger mound to the northwest is completely hidden from ground-level view by the forest.
Telephoto view of the northwest mound.

Roche a Cri and Friendship Mound

To the west, Roche a Cri and Friendship Mound are visible. Friendship Mound is the larger one, Roche a Cri is smaller and steeper.

Not What You Want to See in the Field

Especially after climbing a steep rock in the middle of nowhere.   

South Mound

The only easy views of any of the cliffs are from County J a mile to the south. The south mound looks like a rounded hill from the north but the south face is an impressive cliff. Drive slowly because the views are very quick through gaps in the tree lines.


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Created 19 September 2000, Last Update 11 January 2020