Quarry Park

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Quarry Park is an Oneida tribal park. This is the main entrance.
Another road leads to the west end of the park but is closed to vehicles.

View of Quarry Pond

View from the northeast end near the parking area.


West End of the Pond


Good fossils can be seen in the weathered blocks and outcrops at the west end of the pond.

A crinoid stem
Crinoid stem fragments
A brachiopod
 Trace fossils are abundant, shown at left and below.
A small stromatolite

Glacial Polish


Tufa incrustations are common on boulders

Duck Creek

View looking south toward Duck Creek.
At the bridge, outcrops are visible in the bed of Duck Creek, as shown by the views at left and below.
Just north of the bridge, a home uses a small flooded quarry pit as a pond.
View looking east. The high bank is cut into Pleistocene deposits and is one of several terraces along the creek.

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