Roche a Cri

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

SW 1/4 Sec 29, T18N R6E, 3 miles north of Friendship on State Route 13, Adams County

Perhaps the most spectacular of the castellated mounds for its size, steepness and great height (over 100 meters). The mound is a state park.

View From Highway 21

You'd think something this big would be visible from everywhere but because of the thick forest cover it's amazingly hard to see from a distance. There are a couple of open fields along State Route 21 to the northeast that afford brief glimpses.

You can easily picture this rock standing as a cliff-bound island above Glacial Lake Wisconsin.

Views from the South

The best view from up close is from Rocky Run Road (County CC) a mile or so south of the mound. The conspicuous crevices in the rock are believed to have given the rock its French name.


Views of the sandstone bluffs at the south end of the peak.


The loop road around the park passes a locality on the south end of the bluffs where Indian petroglyphs can be seen. 

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