Waupaca: County K Outcrops

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

About 5 km east of Waupaca on County K are some wholly nondescript meta-igneous rocks. They are of interest chiefly because they provide some of the few clues to the  pre-Wolf River Batholith geology south of the batholith.

The terrain around the outcrops is flat and devoid of landmarks except for this curve. The photos below show the outcrops, which are scattered for a hundred meters or so either side of the road.

Some of the outcrops are brick-red on the surface, suggesting that they were in a fire at some time.

Considering how rare Precambrian outcrops are in this part of Wisconsin, this is a maddeningly bland locality.

The Rocks

The rocks are fine-grained and weakly foliated, with subvertical SE foliation roughly parallel to the outcrop trends. They appear to be deformed Penokean granitic rocks.

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Created 14 May 2002, Last Update 11 Jan 2020