Waupaca Adamellite Quarry

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

One of the few convenient places to see the coarse Waupaca Adamellite in outcrop, although it is very common as glacial erratics.

Approach to the outcrops from the west. There are no really good places to park on this stretch of road.
The woods are festively adorned with signs at close intervals.
But some visitors just ignore them.
A small flooded pit by the roadside. Below are some general views of the outcrops
Large blocks of the coarse adamellite lie close to the road but getting manageable specimens is not easy.
Close-up of the rock.

Granite Quarry School

Granite Quarry School, about a kilometer west of the quarry, bears a large polished slab of the adamellite. After 80+ years it is still in good condition.

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Created 14 May 2002, Last Update 11 Jan 2020