Easter and Gergian: March 31, 1991

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay


Gulf War Image What a difference a week makes! On Palm Sunday (March 24) we could hardly see because the smoke was so thick. On Easter the wind blew another direction and it was bright and sunny. This is the cathedral in Kuwait. They have Masses in English and Konkani, a south Indian language. There have been Christians in south India since the second century.
Gulf War Image Gulf War Image


Gergian is the halfway feast of Ramadan, and is celebrated a bit like Halloween (but without the occult overtones). Kids dress in costumes and go from door to door begging treats. This year the festival was held at the Cultural Center for safety reasons. Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image

A Visit From the Emir

He's in there somewhere! Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image Gulf War Image

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