From Khobar to Incirlik: April 17-25, 1991

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Never Vounteer, April 17, 1991

Actually, volunteering for the right things can be a real boon in the Army, but sometimes you guess wrong. This "two-hour" cargo loading job turned into an 11-hour sunburn fest.
Gulf War Image Gulf War Image

Dhahran, April 20, 1991

The shopping mall in Dhahran is actually quite modern. One of the things I needed to get was a light meter battery. Gulf War Image

Saddle Up, April 24, 1991

Gulf War Image In case you're wondering why there are no pictures for several days, the answer is simple. I was sick as a dog. We waited in this quonset hut, except that by midmorning it was a furnace inside.
Gulf War Image We finally loaded up in the late afternoon.

For some reason these pictures were badly over-exposed. Baking in 115-degree heat all day probably didn't help the film one bit.

Gulf War Image Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image The passenger compartment on a C-5A is overhead behind the wing. It's as if they had some leftover space on the huge bird and had to use it somehow. "Whaddya wanna do with this extra space up here? I dunno, let's seat 65 people there."
The crew on a C-5A actually have small compartments.

Incirlik, April 25, 1991

Gulf War Image Three weeks ago, we were still in Kuwait. This is the gym at Incirlik, where the showers were luxurious
Gulf War Image We were billeted in the base elementary school for the two nights we spent here.

The Sultan's Inn, the mess hall (below), was a delight.

Gulf War Image Gulf War Image

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