I'll Teach them to Nickname Me "Indy", May 26-27, 1991

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

The Pre-Soak Cycle

To pre-was our Hummer before starting back home, we resorted to this. On a hot day it was pleasant.

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SSG Dennis Kieltyka figured that since I was a geologist, that made me sort of like Indiana Jones, so he took to calling me "Indy." I took that as a compliment. So it was fitting that I spotted some pottery fragments in the stream bank near the British camp.

Gulf War Image Gulf War Image Gulf War Image

The knife above has its blade resting on a large shard. Below, some of the dirt has been brushed away to expose it.

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Since the shards were falling out of the bank anyhow and about to be lost, I collected them. Here's what they looked like assembled. We turned the shards in and reported all this. I have no idea what happened next.

Gulf War Image Gulf War Image

Backing off a bit, I recognized some buried walls. The stump where the pottery was found is on the right, one wall is very plain beneath the large boulder on the left, a second wall is less distinct a couple of meters to the right.

Gulf War Image Gulf War Image

Slightly more distant views.

Gulf War Image Gulf War Image

Further downstream, in an otherwise rock-free stream bank, were several clusters of large stones, some with charcoal. I collected some of the charcoal and turned it in also.

Gulf War Image Gulf War Image Gulf War Image Gulf War Image Gulf War Image

Gulf War Image

So what does it mean? I suspect not very much. I doubt if you can dig a hole anywhere in Iraq without finding some kind of artifact. Given the shallow burial I doubt if this stuff is more than a few centuries old.

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