The Alamo, Texas

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

The Alamo is a mythic place. One of the myths is that the battle took place here. The building itself was actually attached to a walled compound, where the defenders fought. The building was used as a supply depot and hospital. Also, the building had a flat roof line in 1836; the decorative "Spanish" top was actually added by the U.S. Army long afterward.
Flags that have flown over Texas. From right to left: Spain, France, Mexico, the Confederacy, the Texas Republic and the U.S.
Spanish missions in Texas constructed ambitious irrigation systems. A restored remnant of an old aquecia flows through the gardens behind the Alamo.
Most of the fighting actually happened here

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Created 15 January 2007, Last Update 03 June 2020