Alesund, Norway

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

Approach to Alesund


Views of Alesund

If you're in the mood for a hike, the viewpoint at Fjellstua is reachable by a flight of 418 steps. Tour buses take a road up the back.

Alesund is built on a chain of islands just north of the mouth of Geiranger Fiord.
In 1904, Alesund launched an ambitious urban renewal program. Most of the city burned down and was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style.

The fire happened in January and was fanned by strong winds. Only one person died but some 10,000 were left homeless in January.
Augen gneiss building stone.
Sightseeing train
A replica Viking ship.
The Alesund Church was a victim of the 1904 fire and rebuilt in - guess what? - Art Nouveau style.

Views from Fjellstua

A strait, the Alesundet, bisects the city.
Below: some nice gneiss.
German bunker from World War II.

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