Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

  Below. Cashew nuts in nature. The nuts themselves are the external seeds attached to a fruit. 

Casibari Rock Formations

  Views of the Hooiberg, a 165-meter (541 feet) volcanic remnant. It means "haystack" in Dutch.
  The Casibari Rocks are granite, specifically tonalite, typically among the earliest intrusive rocks in a subduction zone. 
  Views of the Hooiberg 

Alta Vista Church


California Lighthouse

  Located at the far north end of the island, a scenic spot with beaches and wind surfuing. 

Why People Come to Aruba

  Resorts and beaches. What's to figure out? 


  Left: A cemetery. The crypts are  miniature Dutch houses.

Below: The Royal Plaza Mall is a cute modern imitation of Dutch architecture. 
  Aruba's trolley. 

Views of Aruba

  The Hooiberg 
  Offshore drilling platform. 

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