Bath, England

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Bath in England is famous for three things: its elegant Georgian row houses, its cathedral and its, well, baths.

Countryside view approaching Bath
View of the outskirts of Bath

Georgian Row Houses

The Roman Baths

Model of the bath complex as it was in Roman times.
Roman stonework
A mosaic floor
Part of the water conduit system.
Foundations of the calidarium (hot room). Fires under the floor kept it hot.
Lead pipe

The Cathedral

Above: medieval cathedrals often incorporated elements of whimsy. On either side of the main window are ladders with souls climbing to heaven.

Left and below: fan vaulting was a means of creating a large open space by carrying loads to the side columns. This is as beautiful as it gets.

Street Scenes

Countryside Views

Between Bath and Cardiff.

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