Covered Bridges, Oregon

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

Oregon once had more covered bridges than any other State, over 400. It still has a respectable 50 or so.

Wimer, Oregon, between Medford and Grants Pass. This photo was taken in 1969. The bridge itself was built in 1927. By amazing coincidence, the bridge collapsed on July 6, 2003, less than a month after I visited Oregon and took the photos below. Three people were trapped in the rubble but not seriously hurt.
East of Albany, near the town of Scio, is a cluster of bridges. This is the Gilkey Bridge
Railroad trestle near the Gilkey Bridge.
The Gilkey Bridge
Left and below: Shimanek Covered Bridge on Thomas Creek. This bridge was rebuilt in 1966 and is the fifth covered bridge on the site.
Left and below: the Hannah Bridge

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Created 30 March 2007, Last Update 03 June 2020