Pisa, Italy

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

Street Views in Pisa

Left: the Appenines near Pisa
Evidently a significant Serbian population lives in Pisa. The Serbian Cross actually has a long Byzantine ancestry, but in modern times it's been re-purposed as four Cyrillic S's, meaning "samo sloga srbina spashava," or, "Only unity saves the Serbs."

Below: Kosovo protest signs.
Left and below: City walls of Pisa.

Street Scenes

General Views (Piazza del Duomo)

The baptistry (foreground), which also looks to be leaning, the basilica and the Leaning Tower in the distance.
The Basilica and Leaning Tower
View from the other direction, with the baptistry in the distance, the basilica and the Leaning Tower at far right.

The Leaning Tower

At any given moment at least twenty people are taking pictures like this.

Ascents of the tower are allowed but rigidly scheduled and priced to discourage casual climbers.

The Basilica

"Keep off the grass" means "Have a seat" in Italian.

The Baptistry

There are at least three people here posing as it to hold the tower up.


The Camposanto (Holy Field) is a mausoleum and cemetery. An errant bomb fragment during World War II set fire to the roof and destroyed many of the medieval frescoes. At left and below is a side chapel with reliquaries.
Above: Memorial markers. Below: medieval freascoes.
Below: the heavenly spheres Above: the Last Judgment and Hell. Some of the images are borderline pornographic.

Scenes Near Pisa

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