Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Not very old, it was built in 1928 for an exposition intended to revive ties between Spain and Latin America.
It's garish, gaudy, and glorious in its visual excess. Best known to movie goers, perhaps, as the Palace of Naboo from Attack of the Clones, but also the locale for scenes from Lawrence of Arabia (British Army Headquarters), and more recently, The Dictator.

If you visit Seville, do not turn up your nose at this place because some snooty guidebook disses the place, or it's 20th century. It is very much worth a visit.

The Provinces of Spain

Left: Tile map of Seville

Below: Lining the coutyard are alcoves representing the provinces of Spain. They usually include the coat of arms of the province, a representative scene, and a map of the province
Above: Albacete
Below: Avila
Above: Almeria
Below: Avila
Above: Alava
Below: Barcelona
Above: Alicante
Below: Barcelona
Above: Badajoz
Below: Bergos
Above: Balearic Islands
Below: Caceres
Above: Cadiz Above; Canary Islands
One of several alcoves celebrating Seville, for two reasons:
1. Seville was the trade port with the Americas in the heyday of Spanish rule, and ...
2. If you don't like it, host your own exposition.
Below: Ciudad Real, capital of La Mancha, thus explaining Don Quixote and Sancho Above: Castellon
Below: Cordoba
Left: Coruna.

Numerous alcoves were inaccessible because of restoration.

Below: Leon
Above: Lerida
Below: Lugo
Above: Legrono
Below: Madrid
Above: Malaga
Below: Pamplona
Above: Murcia
Below: Orense
Above: Oviedo
Below: Pontevedro
Above: Palencia
Below: Hey, what do you know! It's Seville again!
Above: Salamanca
Below: Soria
Above: Segovia
Below: Tarragona
Above: Teruel
Below: Valencia
Above: Toledo
Below: Valladolid
Above: Vizcaya
Below: Zaragoza
Above: Zamora
Below: Guess what? Seville

The Moat

A moat with bridges circles the plaza. Unfortunately, this day it was empty.

Interior Views

Most of the rooms are government offices. These are views of staircases and the colonnades.

Decorative Details

All the railings are richly decorated porcelain.  A few, alas, need repair.
Decorative masonry in the plaza

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