Stavanger, Norway

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

Valberget Utsiktpunkt. The hilltop has been a lookout for centuries but the present tower dates from around 1850.

Stavanger Cathedral

Oldest cathedral in Norway, opened in 1150. Originally Catholic, now Church of Norway.

Left: the stained glass windows above the alrat were removed for maintenance, but instead of bare glass, local art students created paper windows.
Below: Evolution of the building. The gold section is original and oldest (1100's), the cream color is from about 1280, the gray and orange are later restorations.

Fargegaten: The Most Colorful Street in Norway?


Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Above: The architecture is meant to evoke a drilling rig.

Left and below: A playground next door is petroleum-themed, with pipes to climb on and through. The abstract colors seem meant to depict contour maps.
Below: A drill bit. Looks like something a James Bond supervillain would use.
"Surely you don't expect me to talk."
"No, Mister Bond, I expect you to die."
Breaking one of these is just a wee bit more costly than breaking a 1/16 inch bit.
Sea-floor wellhead. A "Christmas tree" in a protective cage.
Blowout preventer

Famous Footprints

A number of bronze plaques in the pavement display footprints of Nobel Peace Prize winners. When the award went to a group, a representative's footprints are displayed. These are the footprints of Ima John on behalf of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.
Wangari Muta Maathai, 1985
This tradition is surprisingly old. Jonathan Granoff, 1910, for the International Permanent Peace Bureau.

Below, left: Shirin Ebadi, 1985

Below, right: Desmond Tutu 1984


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