Vigo, Spain

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

O Castro (The Fort)

"The Horses" by Juan José Oliveira was built in 1991. It's on the hilltop close to the fortress and recalls the wild horses that used to graze here.
These anchors and cannons are from galleons that were sunk in 1702, part of a treasure fleet from the Americas.

Celtic Site

The circular rings are foundations of Celtic houses from the second century BCE. The houses with conical thatch roofs are reconstructions.

Views of Vigo

A Matter of Perspective

From the fort, that square building looks like it's right next to the ship.
From the ship, it looks a long way off, and looks like it's right in front of the fort.
And from the side, it's actually a long way from either. A good illustration of how hard it is to estimate distances along your line of sight.

Harbor Views

The highway to Santiago de Compostela crosses a cable-stay suspension bridge across the estuary..

Below: Oyster beds are placed throughout the estuary. The coastline resembles northern California.

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