Ternary Eutectic

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences,University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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See below the plot area for instructions
A-B Eutectic (%B): B-C Eutectic (%C): C-A Eutectic (%A):
Ternary Eutectic Proportions A: B: C:
Melt Composition Proportions A: B: C:


Enter parameters in the boxes, or use the default values. The values for the ternary eutectic need not sum to 100 but can be expressed as ratios.

The Buttons

Draw Diagram
Self-explanatory. Draws the diagram specified by the input parameters. You can either run a simulation or redefine the diagram.
Run a simulation with the specified melt composition.
Temporarily halt the simulation so you can study what's going on. Also gives numerical values for liquid and solid components. Press "OK" to resume. You can move the alert box if it blocks your view.
Resets the simulation to the beginning using the same diagram. You can redefine the melt composition or rerun the simulation again using the same composition. You can also use this to abort the simulation.
Clear Canvas
Erase everything
What's Happening?
Pauses the simulation and shows a brief explanation of what's going on at that stage of the simulation. Press "OK" to resume. You can move the alert box if it blocks your view.

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