Memorizing Versus Remembering

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Insights come in odd places. I had a student ask me if she could borrow arock for her native religions class. Nothing special, just - a rock. 

That got my curiosity up, so I sat in on the class. The student explainedthat many native religions believe that the older something is, the more wisdomit contains. (This, I mused, confirms the common saying that some people aredumber than a box of rocks.)

The class moved on to other topics, including the "vision quest," asearch for guidance. A student asked whether, once someone had achieved insight,they would write it down. The instructor, an Indian, said "that makes sensein your culture, but" - and here she made a point simply immense in itsprofoundness - "We are taught to remember."

Not memorize - remember. Do you see the difference?

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