ayasofiya (Saint Sophia)

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

  Santa Sophia. Built in 532. Once a church, it was turned into a Mosque when the Turks captured Istanbul in 1453.
Santa Sophia
Santa Sophia
Santa Sophia Mosaic (10th century) over entrance
Santa Sophia "Interior views, Saint Sophia "
Santa Sophia "Interior views, Saint Sophia"
Santa Sophia View of dome
Santa Sophia One of the minarets
Santa Sophia Painting above window
St Sophia Main side entrance. Mosiac is 10 c.
Entrance to nave. Doors 800 yrs. old
Mosaic over nave entrance
"Main nave, looking toward altar"
"Main nave, looking toward altar"
"Main nave, looking toward altar"
  Main dome
"Main nave, looking toward entrance"
  Mosaic over-looking altar
  Main nave from side vault
Detail of capitals of columns
  Ceiling of side vault
  Mosaics (10-12 c.)
  Mosaics (10-12 c.)
  Mosaics (10-12 c.)
  Mosaic ceiling decorations
Matched marble panel w/ face design
Turk in St. Sophia courtyard


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