Aguasabon Falls, Ontario

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

Aguasabon Falls is located just west of Terrace Bay, Ontario.

Left and below: fireweed and elderberries.

Left: mouth of Aguasabon River.

Below: looking downstream from the footbridge (visible in the photo above). The rocks are all Archean granitic and metamorphic rocks.

Aguasabon Falls is reached via a short spur road a few kilometers west of Terrace Bay, then a boardwalk to an overlook. At left is a view of the Slate Islands, a Paleozoic impact site, from the overlook.

Below: the falls drops into a narrow cleft eroded along a joint.

Left: frontal views of the falls are only visible from the gorge edge. Was it really worth it to paint that graffiti on the cliff right of the falls?
Full views of the falls are not easy to come by.
The stream flows into a pothole before dropping over the cliff.

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Created 18 August 2007, Last Update 06 June 2020