Honningsvag and North Cape, Norway

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay


Avalanche fences
Honningsvag isn't much to look at. It has the hardscrabble look of a Newfoundland town and there's little history. The town was evacuated and destroyed by the Germans in World War II because it could be used to aid Allied convoys.
The ubiquitous Norwegian troll.
No, Vikings did not wear these, and the Norwegians know it. Still, if there are kroner to be made...

The monument atop North Cape identifies it through the fog. This is the northernmost point in Europe reachable by road.
Below: technically that rounded outcrop extends slightly farther north than North Cape. It's called Knivskjellodden Cape. Both points are actually on an island. The northernmost true mainland point of Europe is Cape Nordkinn. On the map above it looks farther north because of the map projection.
Left and below: North Cape rising beyond Knivskjellodden Cape.

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Created 7 April 2003, Last Update 28 November 2020