Thera (Santorini): North

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Because no geologist gets into Valhalla without seeing this.

Location map of Thera. Thera can refer to the whole caldera, the main town, and the largest island. "Santorini" comes from the former cathedral of Saint Irene, and was applied when the Venetians controlled the Aegean.

Topographic map of Thera.

Thera Town

There are three ways to get to the town of Thera from the harbor. This is the easy way.
This picture as actually upright (note the legs of the person sitting behind the rail). The tilt of the wheel matches the slope of the cables.
The second easiest way is to ride a donkey. The hard way is to walk. Also the smelly way, because of the donkeys.
Pant, wheeze... 586, 587,588.
Going down is a lot easier.

The Way to Oia

Back slope of Thera, with Mount Prophet Elias in the distance.

Below: Looking out from the rim of Thera toward the Aegean.
Thick tuff layer.
Little Prophet Elias.


Left: Looking south with Mount Prophet Elias in the distance.
View of Therasia with Aspronisi in the distance.
Calling Don Quixote!
View of Therasia

Sea Views of Oia

Aspronisi beyond the tip of Therasia

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