Thera (Santorini): South

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Because no geologist gets into Valhalla without seeing this.

Location map of Thera. Thera can refer to the whole caldera, the main town, and the largest island. "Santorini" comes from the former cathedral of Saint Irene, and was applied when the Venetians controlled the Aegean.

Topographic map of Thera.

Thera Town

Ruins of a windmill at the south end of the caldera
Mount Prophet Elias.
View of Oia at the other end of the caldera. Palea Kamini on the left, Nea Kamini on the right.
Black sand beach on the south shore.
Mount Prophet Elias
Below: views from Mount Prophet Elias. Left: the airport on the east side of Thera.
Looking north along Thera Thera town
Left and below: Views of the caldera
View of the southern Caldera, with Aspronisi in the center.
Left and below: The southern coast of Thera.
View of Thera town
Nea Kamini, Palea Kamini and Therasia.

Panorama of Thera from Mount Prophet Elias

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Created 30 October 2018, Last Update 06 June 2020