World Trade Center 1970-1986

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

Before the World Trade Center

Battery in fall of 1969 from the Staten Island Ferry. Below: Two hazy views (fall, 1969) from the tower of Riverside Cathedral with the Empire State Building at center.

Under Construction

My only picture if the half-built World Trade Center, taken in the late fall of 1969.
Enlarged portion showing the towers.
I spent most of the construction period in the Army and have just a few pictures of the last stages of completing the South Tower.

Left and below: In June, 1972, the South Tower was complete except for the uppermost few floors. View at left is from the Staten Island Ferry; below are two views from the Circle Line tour.


Left and below: By February, 1973, only a crane atop the South Tower showed that construction was still going on.

Views From Street Level

Fall, 1972; From Wall Street: Trinity Church in the foreground
June 1972; View from a few blocks to the north.

Below: Views from the base of the South Tower; June 1972

Views From The Statue of Liberty

Left and below: February, 1973
Left: February, 1973 from the Staten Island Ferry
November 1973
Left and below, July, 1986

Views From The World Trade Center

Looking north toward the Empire State Building (Center). All views March 1976.
Looking northeast toward City Hall
Looking southeast
Looking east toward the Williamsburg Bridge (left) and the Brooklyn Bridge (right)

Views From Rockefeller Center

All Views November, 1972

View From The Empire State Building

July, 1986

Views From the Circle Line

Left and below, July, 1976
Left and below, July, 1986


World Trade Center and the Bicentennial Fireworks, 1976
World Trade Center and the Bicentennial Tall Ships Parade, 1976
Tall Ships at Dockside, 1976

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