Marble Mountains, California

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Location: 41o 35' N, 123o 05' W. The picture was taken from 41o 39' 32" N 123o 05' 44"W. The summits are around 8000 feet, the picture was taken from a ridge at 5000 feet and the valley floor in between is about 2000 feet. There are not many places you can stand on solid ground and have the feeling of flying.

These mountains hosted small glaciers that carved cirques but did not get very far, only a couple of kilometers. Everything below the cirques has the typical V-shaped valleys carved by streams.  Not visible here, but visible from above, is that several cirques have small lakes. The glacial valleys are actually a mile or so long, but appear short because the view looks up the valleys.

Original Scene

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Created 29 June 2008, Last Update 15 January 2020