Geology Coloring Book

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Visitors may copy these drawings freely for non-profit educational use. To copy the outline drawing, right-click the drawing, then either:

  1. Select File/Save As and save the drawing to your hard drive or other storage. Or..
  2. Select Edit/copy (Control+C), then go to your favorite drawing program and select Edit/paste (Control+V).

Web pages tend to print unpredictably, so I don't recommend trying to print the whole page. Check the Print Preview utility on your menu first if you want to try it.

Since students may not be familiar with or able to interpret some details from the outline drawing (if they've never seen a cirque, for example, would they interpret a drawing of one as a bowl-shaped basin?), the original scene is also included as well as a possible coloring scheme. In some cases the coloring scheme is altered from the original to improve appearance or contrast. Students are, of course, free to color the scenes however they like; these figures are included as aids.

The suggested coloring uses the standard 256 color Windows palette, which doesn't allow for a lot of subtleties visible on the original scenes.

For those who would like to use Google Earth in conjunction with these pages, coordinates are given for most localities.

Volcanoes and Igneous Rocks

Sedimentary Rocks

Erosion and Landscape Evolution


Coastal and Marine Geology

Wind Erosion

Ground Water

Faults and Folds

Plate Tectonics

Extraterrestrial Geology

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Created 25 November 2005, Last Update 31 May 2020