Cirque, Near Ashland, Oregon

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Location: 42o 06€™ 48" N, 122o 46€™ 39" W.

Even though this cirque is at low latitude (the distant skyline is in California) and at 4000 feet, there were glaciers here during the Pleistocene because there was extremely heavy winter snowfall, even though the climate here was temperate during the Ice Age. The lobe with the lone tree in the center of the picture is probably due to a process called solifluction, common in permafrost areas (permanently frozen ground). After the glaciers melted, but while the ground was still permanently frozen, water saturated soil flowed downhill as a mudflow. The large tree makes it clear this has not moved recently.

Original Scene

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Created 19 July 2009, Last Update 15 January 2020